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Size: XS
Color: Beige

ContourFit High-Waisted Boxers with Enhanced Hips and Crotch

Enhance your natural curves with the ContourFit High-Waisted Boxers featuring Enhanced Hips and Crotch. These boxers are designed to provide you with a comfortable and seamless shaping solution that boosts your confidence.

The seamless flow technology ensures a snug fit that wraps around your body effectively, while the built-in, removable buttock pads enhance the curves of your buttocks for a fuller appearance. The drop-shaped gel strip on the front waist prevents the pants from slipping down, offering you a secure fit throughout the day.

Constructed with double-layered fabric in the front and back panels, these boxers provide enhanced compression force, smoothing out your body curves. The elastic compressive fabric evenly compresses to give you a seamless and natural look, making it ideal for pairing with tight-fitting clothes and pants.

  • Seamless flow technology for a snug fit
  • Built-in, removable buttock pads for enhanced curves

The suspended crotch design eliminates the need for underwear, offering you convenience and comfort. These boxers are versatile as removing the buttock pads transforms them into seamless shaping leggings, perfect for various outfits and occasions.

Equipped with four steel bones in the waist to prevent rolling up, these boxers offer a secure and comfortable wear experience. The material composition of 54% Nylon and 46% Spandex ensures durability and flexibility for everyday wear.

Enhance your silhouette, boost your confidence, and enjoy a seamless shaping solution with the ContourFit High-Waisted Boxers with Enhanced Hips and Crotch.