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Size: S
Color: Black

Modern Active Ultimate Body Sculpt Strapless Shapewear Shorts

1. **Breast Support and Anti-See-Through**: The tight tissue under the breasts provides support, while the gauze covering and dark colors prevent see-through.
2. **Body Shaping**: Tightens the waist and abdomen tissues, strengthens abdominal tightening, and flattens the lower abdomen.
3. **Buttocks Lifting**: Effectively lifts the buttocks with specialized tissue.
4. **Convenient Design**: Overlapping crotch for easier use of the toilet.
5. **Anti-Curling**: Two stainless steel ribs under the armpits prevent curling.
6. **Anti-Slip**: Glue applied under the armpits prevents slipping.

- 74% Nylon
- 26% Spandex