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Modern Active Emerald Floral Swimwear

- **Name**: Emerald Floral Swimwear
- **Color**: Green
- **Pattern**: Floral
- **Straps**: Adjustable for a customized fit
- **Material**: High-quality, breathable fabric
- **Features**:
- **Comfort**: Soft, breathable material for ease of movement
- **Support**: Built-in bra for additional support
- **Design**: Vibrant floral pattern for a stylish look
- **Fit**: Snug yet flexible to accommodate various body shapes
- **Use**: Ideal for swimming, beach outings, and poolside lounging
- **Description**:
- Make a refreshing statement with the Emerald Floral Swimwear.
- Featuring a striking green color and vibrant floral design with adjustable straps for a perfect fit.
- Ensures comfort and style whether you're swimming, lounging by the pool, or enjoying a day at the beach.
- Built-in bra offers added support.
- Soft, breathable material provides ease of movement.
- Snug yet flexible fit accommodates various body shapes.
- Adjustable straps allow for a customized and secure fit.