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Quantit: 5 pairs
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Pack of 5 StrideFlex Elite: Unisex Compression Performance Socks for Nurses, Sports, and Fitness Enthusiasts

Elevate your performance with our Pack of 5 StrideFlex Elite Compression Performance Socks for Nurses, Sports, and Fitness Enthusiasts. These unisex compression socks are designed to provide both therapeutic efficacy and all-day comfort.

With a harmonious blend of style and compression therapy, these socks offer unparalleled support and performance. They are versatile and high-quality, making them perfect for flying, pregnancy, exercise, recovery, and daily wear.

Featuring double-stitched seams and advanced antibacterial material, these socks are built to last. The super-soft blend of Nylon, Polyester, and Spandex provides moisture-wicking and quick-drying comfort. The no-slip cuff ensures they stay in place, while the medical-grade compression, tightest at the ankle, offers a graduated 15-20mmHg compression for optimal support.

To maintain the longevity and efficacy of your StrideFlex Elite Compression Socks, follow these care instructions:

  • Wash and air-dry after each use to preserve elasticity.
  • Machine wash separately or with similar colors at 30-40°C on a gentle cycle. Avoid hot water.
  • Place in a linen or mesh laundry bag for added protection.
  • Use gentle detergent, avoiding bleach and fabric softeners.
  • Gently press water out; avoid wringing.
  • Opt for tumble-drying or air-drying; refrain from sun-drying or using heaters/radiators.
  • Periodic dryer use can restore the original shape after extended wear.
  • Consider replacement every 3-6 months for optimal compression maintenance.

Experience unmatched comfort and support with our Pack of 5 StrideFlex Elite Compression Performance Socks. Whether you're a nurse, athlete, or fitness enthusiast, these socks will elevate your every step.