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Size: S
Color: Black

Modern Active Shapewear Sculpting Bodysuit


The Shapewear Sculpting Bodysuit is a versatile and comfortable undergarment designed to enhance your silhouette with multiple innovative features:

1. **Double-layer Design**: Both the abdomen and back areas feature a double-layer construction, providing extra support to strengthen the abdomen and waist.
2. **Convenient Crotch Zipper**: A long crotch zipper design allows for easy bathroom access without worrying about staining your clothes.
3. **Adjustable Fit**: The front and center 3-breasted design enables you to adjust the tightness to your preference for a customized fit.
4. **Customizable Length**: The feet of the bodysuit can be freely cut, ensuring comfort and a seamless appearance without any trace.
5. **High-Stretch Hip Fabric**: The hips are spliced with high-stretch fabric to accommodate different hip sizes comfortably without compression.
6. **Buttock Lifting**: Double layers under the buttocks effectively lift and shape the area.
7. **U-shaped Chest Support**: A U-shaped design provides excellent chest support.
8. **Comfortable Shoulder Straps**: The 2.5cm wide shoulder straps are adjustable and designed to be comfortable without tightening the shoulders.

- Outer layer: 57% Nylon, 43% Spandex
- Inner layer: 54% Nylon, 46% Spandex

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and style with the Shapewear Sculpting Bodysuit, designed to enhance your natural shape and provide all-day support.