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Modern Active slimming Leg Back Low Waist Fitted Mesh Butt Lifter

The Modern Active Slimming Leg Back Low Waist Fitted Mesh Body Butt Lifter is a must-have for those looking to enhance their natural curves and achieve a sleek, toned figure. This innovative shapewear is designed to provide maximum support and comfort while giving you the confidence to flaunt your modern active lifestyle.

Featuring a unique stainless steel frame on the sides, this butt lifter prevents any unwanted curling or shape loss, ensuring that it stays in place all day long. The tummy tightening feature utilizes a special glue dispensing process, which increases plastic shrinkage and leaves no traces, giving you a smooth, seamless look.

The high elastic fabric on the legs of this body shaper effectively shapes and slims down your legs, giving you that desired slim leg look. Say goodbye to rolled-up shapewear with the anti-slip fabric at the feet, keeping everything in place for as long as you need it.

The low-waisted back design makes it easy to pair this body shaper with low-back clothing, allowing you to confidently show off your style without revealing your secret underneath. The peach butt design highlights your sexy curves, while the lower part of the buttocks is glued with high-elastic fabric to effectively lift and enhance your natural assets.

The Modern ActiveSlimming Leg Back Low Waist Fitted Mesh Body Butt Lifter features a high-elastic mesh, bonded to high-elastic nylon fabric, which allows for breathability and skin-friendliness, ensuring all-day comfort and sweat-free confidence.

In terms of materials, the outer layer is made of 62% nylon and 38% spandex, while the inner layer consists of 44% nylon and 56% spandex, providing the perfect combination of stretch, flexibility, and durability.

  • Stainless steel steel frame on the side to prevent curling and shape
  • Tummy tightening feature for seamless and traceless appearance

Elevate your modern active look with the Modern Active Slimming Leg Back Low Waist Fitted Mesh Body Butt Lifter. Experience the confidence that comes with a streamlined silhouette. Order yours today!